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Einstein’s Abandoned Otherworld: How Conscious “Will” Manifests in a 4-D World? (2022)
EC Psychology and Psychiatry 11.5 (2022): 01-08.'s-abandoned-otherworld-how-conscious-will-manifest-in a-4Dworld.pdf

Science of Divinity: Part IV.
Arch Neurol & Neurosci. 12(2): 2022. ANN.MS.ID.000784.

Twelve Ideas that Might Expand the Scope of Science (2022)
Global Journal of Science Frontier Research 22(1), Version 1.0, 59-71 (2022).

Post-COVID 19 Experience of Space empty of Matter: Germination of a new science across Zero-Point-Energy (2021)
American Journal of Psychiatric Research and Reviews, 2021; 5:27

Science of Information (2021)
Global Journal of Science Frontier Research A - Physics and Space Science 21(1), Version1.0, 15-30 (2021)

DeepNeuroscience: The Way the Brain needs to be looked into (2020)
Journal of Neurology and Brain Research
1(2020): 001-006 : Doi:10.47755/J Neuro Brain Res.2020.1.001

The Science of Divinity: Part III
Immersive Neuroscience, Multiversal Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics (2020)
J Neuro Brain Res 1(2020): 001-005 Doi: 10.47755/ J Neuro Brain Res.2020.1.005

The Science of Divinity Part II: Triple Transcendence
Sketching out the Pathway for a Science of Consciousness (2020)
J Neuro Brain Res 1(2020): 001-004 Doi: 10.47755/ J Neuro Brain Res.2020.1.003

The Science of Divinity (2020)
Archives of Neurology & Neuroscience
9(3): 2020. ANN.MS.ID.000712.

Deep Science of CosmoNeurology
The Multiverse and The Supracortical Consciousness (2020)
J Neurosurg Imaging Techniques, 2020, 6(3): 347-366.

Life-Form A Matters-Syncytium: DeepScience for Matter Correlates of Conscious States (2020)
Psychology and Psychiatry SI.02 (2020):01-16

Visualizing Information as a Dynamic Entity. Roadmap of Deep Science, AI and Humanity (2019)
Psychol Behav Sci Int J. 2019; 13(4): 555867

Communication of the “Objective Reality” as Signal to the Senses in Orchestrated Non-Reductive way (2019).
Arch Neurol & Neurosci. 4(2):2019 Communicated as Signal to senses.pdf

Editorial: Neurodegenerative disorders: Five groups of Questions to address. Routes to Therapy (2019)

Neurodegenerative Diseases. Current Research (2019); 1(1):2

Zero-Point Energy State of the Brain (2019).

Arch Neurol & Neurosci. 2(5): 2019. ANN.MS.ID.000547. DOI: 10.33552/ANN.2019.02.000547.

Cognitive Canvas: Molecular Embroidery, Fabric and the Base (2018).

EC Psychology and Psychiatry 7.7 (2018): 428-439.

Consciousness in Systems Science:Transforming Psychology Medicine, Education and Community (2018).

Archives of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 1 (1) (2018): 40-47.

Intelligence in perspectives of the Systems Psyche: Natural, Human and Artificial (2018).

Psychol Behav Sci Int J. 2018; 9(1): PBSIJ.MS.ID.555754 (2018). DOI:10.19080/ PBDIJ.2018.09.555754

Mechanism of Intuition (2018).

Current Opinions in Neurological Science 2.1: pp.356-361 (2018).

Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence and Intelligence of Nature: Difficult Questions in their Ambitious Fusion (2017).

Current Opinions in Neurological Science 1.5: pp. 216-231 (2017). Intelligence, Human Intelligence-and-Intelligence-of-Nature.pdf

Joining the Dots: The Ladder of Cognition (2017).

Paper presented in Vth International Conference, Science and Scientists, at Kathmandu held on 18-19th August, 2017.

The Science of Spiritual Psychology (2017).

Psychol Behav Sci Int J. 2017; 4(5): 555646. DOI: 10.19080/ PBSIJ.2017.04.555646.

The Ladder of Cognition: Abstract Operations, Molecular Biology, Systems Science (2017).

Ann Psychiatry Ment Health 5 (4): 1107, pp.1-15 (2017).

Cracking the Hard Problem of Consciousness (2017).

In, Quantum Physics and Consciousness. Eds. Sudipto Ghosh, B. D.Mundhra, K. Vasudeva Rao and Varun Agarwal. Pub. Bhaktivedanta Institute and Bharatiya Vidya Mandir, Kolkata, pp. 99-112 (2017).

Systems Psyche: Its Structure, Operation and possible Molecular Links (2016).

Psychol Behav Sci Int J 1(3): PBSIJ.MS.ID.555565 (2016).

Wisdom of both East and West has a common source, Consciousness (2016).

In, Consciousness. Integrating Eastern and Western Perspectives. Ed. Emeritus: Prem Saran Satsangi and Stuart Hameroff. New Age Books, New Delhi, Ch.17, pp. 437-468 (2016).

Systems-bound and Systems-independent Consciousness.Complex Inter-phase in between: From Narrative to Science (2016).

Psychol Behav Sci Int J 1(3): PBSIJ.MS.ID.555562 (2016).

Consciousness: Contents, States, Levels, regarding…….; Synthesis from Neuroscience and Vedanta (2016).

Ivth International Conference, Science and Scientist, at Bangalore University, India, 26-27th August, 2016.

Emerging patterns in the complexity: Their organization within Systems Science (2016).

International Journal of Applied Sciences and Engineering Research, 5 (3), pp. 208-234. doi:10. 6080.ipajaser. 05023.

Meditation: Inward Olympics with the Puzzle of Consciousness (2015).

Power point Presentation at NIMHANS, Bengaluru, 6th December, 2015 in Symposium on Integrating Scientific and Contemplative Approaches to explore the Mind (ISCAEM).

Neural Fabrics of the Mind: Systems Neuroscience, Systems Psychology and Consciousness (2015).

Ann Psychiatry Ment Health 3 (7):1049, 2015.

The Outline of Systems Engineering for Developing a Conscious Ware (2015).

International Journal of Emerging Trends in Electrical and Electronics, 11,(5), pp. 25-33,2015. 2011/Issue 205/5.pdf

Systems Cell: a Testable Model for Systems Holism (2015).

International Archives of Medicine, Vol.8, No.104 (2015)

This Paper was first uploaded in this website on 10th of April, 2015.

Life within the Akhanda Worldview (2014).

Dialogue and Universalism. Vol XXIV, No.2/2014, pp. 25-49, 2014.

From Quantum to Consciousness. A long way to go! (2014).

Brain Mind, Cosmos. The nature of our existence and the universe. Part I, E-book, Ed. Deepak Chopra. Pub. Deepak Chopra, pp. 202-229 2014.

On some Essential Requirements for a Fruitful Consciousness Research (2014).

Psychology Research 4(2), 75-93, 2014.

Non-Observable Influential(s) in the Domain of Consciousness (2013).

Psychology Research 3 (11), 637-652, 2013.

Setting the Agenda for a Science of Information (2013).

Power Point presentation of the talk delivered as Invited Speaker at Twentieth Conference on Toward a Science of Consciousness (TSC 2013) held on March 3-9, 2013 at Dayalbag Educational Institute, Agra, India.

Information Holograph: The Structure, the Source and its Operation (2012).

In, International Journal of BioEngineering, NeuroSciences and Technology, 2 (2) PP.12-32 (2012).

God Particle to Consciousness: Life-science, Neuroscience and Nonlocal Science Hold the Key (2012).

In, Science and Spiritual Quest. Integrating Capabilities with Values. Ed. S.C. Mishra, Sudipto Ghosh, Varun Agarwal. Proceedings of the 7th AISSQ Conference, Bangalore. Pub. Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata, India, pp.108-123 (2012).

Power Point Presentation

Five reasons why Brain Research merits a change of Focus.

The paper was first published in this website in January, 2012.

Consciousness is the Central one in a Five-piece puzzle.

The paper was first published in this website in January, 2012.

Republished in the Book, Models of Understanding Consciousness, Ed. Ujjwala Jha, Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit. Univ. of Pune, India, pp.1-21 (2012).

On the Landscape of Human Possibilities: Tendencies of Homo sapiens to become Homo spiritualis (2010).

In, Bridging Science and Spirituality. Ed. Subhash C. Mishra, Arun B. Samaddar, Sudipto Ghosh. Published jointly by Bhakti Vedanta Institute, Kolkata and Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology, Allahabad , pp.69-87, (2010).

The Self and its Memes and Genes: Genes, Memes, Self, Brain, Information and Consciousness (2010).

In,History of Science and Philosophy of Science . A Historical Perspective of the Evolution of Ideas in Science. Project History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture (PHISPC).Vol. XI, Part VI, Chapter 21. Ed. Pradip Sengupta. Pub. Pearson, New Delhi, pp. 481-558, (2010). Presented in Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), New Delhi in 2005.

Brain Mind and Consciousness (2009).

In,Life and Organicism. Project History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture (PHISPC).Vol. XII, Part VI, Chapter 21. Ed. N. S. Rangaswami. Pub. Center for Studies in Civilization, New Delhi , pp. 159-191, (2009).

A Radical View of Information. On its Nature and Science (2008).

Frontier Perspectives, Vol.16 (2), pp.19-29,2008

Some Reflections on ‘Quo Vadis Quantum Mechanics?’ Extending Science Further! Let us see where? (2006).

Frontier Perspectives, 15(1), pp. 12-21,2006

Connection, Confrontation and Unity of Two Titans: ‘Local’ and ‘Nonlocal’ Science (2008).

In, Science and Spiritual Quest Ed. Subhash C. Mishra, Sri Kant Nagulapalli, Sudipto Ghosh. Published jointly by Bhakti Vedanta Institute, Calcutta and NIT, Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu pp.129-144, (2008).

Presented in NIT Tiruchirapalli, on 27th December, 2008.

Supracortical Consciousness. An opening to multiple new doors of Science (2006).

In, The Enworlded Subjectivity. Its Three Worlds and Beyond. Project History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture (PHISPC). Vol. XI, Part 4, Ed. R. Balasubramanian. Pub. Center for Studies in Civilization, New Delhi , pp. 380-446, (2006).

Presented at India International Center , New Delhi , 2004

A Composite Model of the Psyche. Its Practical Relevance in Psychotherapy (2005).

In, Psychotherapy, Yoga and Spirituality . Ed. Ganesh Shankar. Jagdamba Publishing Company, New Delhi , pp. 20-29, (2005).

Presented at World Congress for Psychotherapy, 28 th August, 2005 , in Buenos Aires and International conference on Psychotherapy Yoga and Spirituality at Haridwar , India , in December 2005.

Nonlocality in the Nature of Consciousness. Implications in Neuroscience and Evolution (2002).

Consciousness Series - 5. Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi , (2002).