Not all silence is absence of cause

Not all stillness is engulfment of time.

Not all emptiness is subatomic void

Not all nothingness is absence of rhyme!

There is silence which broods Cause.

There is stillness which generates Time with pause.

There is Void from which the Universe is born.

Ananda shines when nothingness is torn!

Dr A K Mukhopadhyay

Vision Statement for Science

On the human scale of Time we are in the middle of accomplishment of five century’s science. Nineteenth century’s science exhibited consolidation of the principles of Classical Mechanics. Twentieth century had been an engagement with Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Twenty first century is the Time for operational Mechanics of Information. Beside the three, “Life” has a mechanics of her own, which would be on sharp focus in twenty second century. Twenty third century is the destined century for the unfolding of operational Mechanics of Consciousness to the mass.

The Biology, Physics and Philosophy

There, in the Systems get together,

In that speedy mighty stream, flowing

For all, and for ever!

Our cortex must get that Infinite touch

In every bit of work and plan,

We are on the way to prove, what all great people thought…

We have done, and again we can!

The Worldview

Are you looking for a Worldview which is simultaneously humanistic, spiritualistic and scientific? If so, here is the Worldview where the human brain is considered an evolving organ situated within the largest intellectually comprehensible systems, the systems of multiple universe(s), The Multiversity.

Five key phrases in this Worldview are, Consciousness, The Multiversity, The organ brain, Evolution-Transformation-New creation, and the Great nest of beings.

The Absolute Power in this Worldview is not with the genes or memes. It is not with the brain either.Nor even it is with informationally conditioned ‘self’. The Absolute Power in this Worldview remains with Consciousness, which as an Objective Reality (OR) for science could be the Essence of the Multiversity.

The Spirit: Unconditional Consciousness with all its operations is the Spirit of this Worldview while the Source field for Science remains the Essence of the Multiversity.

The Science: This Worldview plays with the five cascading nested operational mechanics where Classical Mechanics is nested within Quantum Mechanics, which in turn is nested within Information Mechanics, which in turn is nested within the operational Mechanics of Life and Mechanics of Consciousness. Systems psyche works as the inter-phase between the Systems Multiversity and the biological systems of the being.

The Humanity: While the present Homo sapiens could be considered as a brainstem-being, limbic being and a cortical being, a new speciation of mankind has been ushered following dwelling in this Worldview, towards Homo Spiritualis, with concomitant emergence of additional four Great Nests of Beings; cortico-supracortical being, supracortical being, supracortical godhead and supracortical autonomy as evident respectively from the phenomenon of human being rejuvenating, rediscovering, redefining and reinventing itself, the science of which is hidden in the concept of supracortical consciousness. This Great nest of beings is expected to unfold while our work continues for nine successive human generations spanning over approximately 300 years.